Moceanscapes // New Print Collection

I believe your imagination is one of the greatest tools you have.

I've been working on a new series of what I like to call 'Moceanscapes' (panned motion seascapes), paying attention to the relationship between contrast, hues and textures, while creating a sense of movement as it all comes together over the ocean. I like to think of my camera as a brush, a tool to blend colours and textures to create abstract interpretations of typical seascape pictures. The one thing I really love about this effective photographic technique is that every time I pan my camera across the ocean, the result is something completely unique. Moments in time, captured and frozen forever.

This is a compilation of my favourite Moceanscapes. I hope you enjoy them!

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All images are available as premium framed and unframed, canvas and glass prints.

Endless // Buy

Ablaze // Buy

Serene Blue // Buy

Golden Moments // Buy

Calm // Buy

Ocean Dreaming // Buy

Mango Blue // Buy
August 05, 2015 by Warren Keelan
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